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The best DJ service around for your wedding, kid/teen event, school function, or party.

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Eccentric Entertainment has been providing quality service to Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio customers for over 13 years.
Jim Tolley (owner and operator)
We Provide Fun Interactive DJ Service 
Have you ever noticed that a good DJ or MC can make all the difference in the world?  Well it can make or break your party or event.  In my 13 years of experience I have DJed wedding receptions, countless bars and clubs, private parties, car cruises, elementary age functions, middle school dances, high school dances, high school reunions, birthday parties, high school proms, homecoming dances, graduation parties, adult dances and formal events, church functions, bachelor parties, holiday parties, and even a funeral (as per the deceased request).  And at every function I've ever worked I always get many compliments and admiration for my fun personality, music selection, song choices, interaction with guests, and ability to please the crowd. It takes skill, experience, and talent to know when to play the right songs and to know what people want to hear and when; both musically and on the microphone. Anyone can just play music but a good DJ interacts with the crowd, can get the party rockin, and gets people on the dance floor and keeps them there.  Have you ever heard, "It's not the car, it's the driver?"  Well, it's not the place, music, or equipment; it's the DJ! At Eccentric Entertainment you get the best possible service with an awesome DJ.  With over 270,000 digital songs and counting I have music from all genres and types.  I update my music collection every week and if you let me know ahead of time that you want a certian version of a certain song I will be sure to have it for your event.  I have the capability to download on the spot so no request gets turned away.  I have a variety of awesome DMX controlled effect lighting, lazers, plus bubbles and fog.  I am prompt, proffessional, and curdious to all of your needs.  I use state of the art equipment and sound and am quite knowledgeable in all genres of music and dance.  
















 I have been DJing for a long time and have seen and encountered it all.  I am exceptional in dealing with crowds and making the wedding, dance, or party a great time.  I listen to the customer ahead of time and know what they expect from me.  I am there to play the music that you want to hear and always strive to make sure your guests or customers have the best possible time.  The other Eccentric Entertainment DJs share the same philosophy and have the same high quality gear and extensive music library that I carry.  We guaruntee our service and stand by our performance.  Eccentric Entertianment is the way to go, Pittsburgh's number one mobile DJ company!



Your wedding reception is one of the most important and memorable days of your life.  You spend so much time planning the location, the table settings, the food, the attire, whom to invite, the alcohol, etc.  Don't make the mistake of trying to save a few bucks on an inexperienced or unknown DJ.  When you think back to the weddings you have been to, what is one of the main things you remember?  I'll bet it's the dancing and music that was played.  I can't stress enough the importance of having a good DJ at your reception.  It means everything; you can have the best location, food, alcohol, gown, tux, etc. but if the DJ sucks the entire reception is ruined.  I have seen it happen when I've gone to weddings as a guest.  People get bored and leave, or just sit and complain.  Don't let this happen to you!  I pride myself on being able to "kill it" at wedding receptions.  I do and play whatever it is the customer asks for.  I help you plan the format, events, announcements, dances, songs, MC the entire time, and make sure everyone has a blast.  I'm telling you, you could have a ghetto event location, mediocore food, limited alcohol, and terrible table settings but if you have me as a DJ people will remember how great of a time they had dancing and enjoying the music. 

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It's really hard to find a good DJ that can handle a bunch of kids or teenagers and play the music they want while keeping them occupied and entertained for a few hours.  I consider this feet one of my specialties.  I have worked professionally in the child services field for over 12 years and have experience with all grades, types, and ages of children.  From a huge group of rowdy teenagers to a large classroom of young special needs kids I adapt and go with the flow as I make the party a fun and lively dancing extravaganza.  I am very vocal on the microphone encouraging everyone to participate and dance.  Basically I am all the entertainment you need for your child's birthday party. You just bring the cupcakes and juice boxes.  I come with all the music they want, crazy effect lighting, a really cool bubble machine, and my fun interactive personality.  The kids always love it.  With the younger kids, age 4-9,  I run around with a cordless mic and dance with them as I organize games and line dances and activities for the entirety of the party.  With the older kids, middle school and high school age, I get the effect lights going and the current music they love bumping and I get them dancing and rolling.  I really enjoy servicing kid and teen events and it always shows in my performance.  I like to tell parents, "Just rent a room that has some space for us to run around and dance and I will take care of all the rest."

     For School Dances I am always a big hit.  I have worked for Froggy Radio for a few years and have done many school functions for them such as Radio DJ Parties, Family Fun Nights, and School Dances.  I have a lot of experience in working with schools and adhearing to whatever rules or expectations that they set forth.  I am very appropriate with the children as I interact with them and take requests and encourage them to dance and participate.  They always love my crazy effect lighting and bubble machine and parents and teachers are always very impressed on my music choices and ability to keep the dance flowing and fun for the entire time.


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